New TESLA cars ®

Biomotion at the forefront of innovation and eco-responsibility innovates for your pleasure by offering you the possibility to travel in TESLA.

For you, and to preserve our world, Biomotion has chosen to give you the access to the greatest comfort and luxury.
Henceforth, we have the model S and the model X.

Our ethics

Biomotion has the gaol to preserve environment without sacrificing your comfort.
That the reason why we have chosen for TESLA, its range of vehicles can answer to all your demand et all of our value.

Our models

Model S, the most luxurious berline by Tesla.
First of all, it is built with best in class storage, seating for up to five adults.
Model S sets an industry standard for performance and safety.
Tesla’s all-electric powertrain delivers unparalleled performance in all weather conditions – with Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive and ludicrous acceleration.
Model S brings you lightness, comfort, safety and unique experience. (expansive 17-inch touchscreen ; heated seats ; interior LED lighting, …).

Designed to guarantee an exceptional comfort and maximum safety.



Model X, the most surprising SUV by Tesla.

Designed to receive families or groups, comfortable seating for up to seven adults, its guarantee comfort, stability and space.
Model X is the safest SUV ever.
Built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, the body, chassis, restraints and battery technology provide a very low probability of occupant injury.

Model X is built to provide the most convenient interior experience ever, it can answer all your needs.

Our strengths

Our availability  24/7, our comfort, and our experience. We will provide you the smoother ride ever.

All our drivers are experienced and bilingual. They can answer to all your question, advise you, and drop you off wherever you want.

Biomotion is committed to you, we involve ourselves to make you happy.

The quality has found a price and a name : Biomotion.

In a word, Biomotion is the solution for all of your transfers in the area and more.
So do not hesitate, contact us !