How to get quickly and easily to Saint-Tropez?

This city, is recognized by Provencal authenticity as for the international jet-set, but it’s not easy accessible because of its geographical position and its idyllic setting.Indeed the great difficulty of Saint-Tropez, it’s the transport. You have no means of locomotion, you come to the airport or train station, we will provide details of the offers to get there.

Transport Saint Tropez by air : The two nearest airports are airport Nice-Côte d’Azur airport and Toulon-Hyère. But the problem is the distance from Saint-Tropez and few lines are put in place to meet demand.

Transport Saint Tropez by Sea : There are lines between Nice and Cannes to St. Tropez, but it takes on average 60 € / person and hours are fixed, if you miss, you will lose one day of your vacation. Do not forget to take into account significant climatic conditions for this transport, risk of cancellation in case to poor navigational conditions.

Transport Saint Tropez by train : The nearest railway station is Saint-Raphael located 40km from St. Tropez. You must then take a shuttle. A long and difficult journey.

Transport Saint Tropez by car: The bus is another way but everyone knows these constraints. Little comfort, circuit, many connections, the journey is long and tiring. Rent a car? You will soon realize that to have autonomy in your travels, you must pay a expensive cost .Par example, due to lack of space in Saint-Tropez it is almost mandatory to go to paid parking, budget your car will grow day by day. A taxi? It takes between 234 to 266 € for 3 people if you don’t bottling, of course!

Transport Saint Tropez with Biomotion: From 40 € / person*, you can from Nice airport to St Tropez and serenely in our vehicles. Our driver will wait you and supports up to your arrival, the price is fixed, no surprises. I BOOK !

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*for un minivan with 7 persons, the day