Monaco E-Prix® is happening soon!

This year  Monaco E-Prix takes place on May 11th.

What is it ?

For its third edition, Monaco E-Prix opens new doors!

Three Formula 1 racers will make the show for you: Pascal Wehrlein, Felipe Massa and Stoffel Vandoorne, and will compete with Sebastien Buemi, the title holder !

A circuit of 1 765 km, a race of 45 minutes and a laps, from the Chicane to the turn of the Rascasse through the tunnel of moored yachts.

What about your Monaco E-Prix® transfer this year?

For the 3rd year, Monaco E-Prix makes us dream and shows us that a good electric race is possible.
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This year again we will be there for you.

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In a word, Biomotion is the solution to all your trips on the French Riviera during Monaco E-Prix and even everyday.

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