MAPIC ® happening soon

This year, MAPIC ® takes place from November 14th to 16th in Cannes.

But what is it ?

The “Professional International Market for Commercial Real Estate and Distribution” is where designers, investors and promoters meet. To discuss the various projects that will have an impact on our consumption and our ways of consuming.

The MAPIC ® defines the best proposal to give customers a unique experience, it is a “lifestyle” destination.


Your Nice Airport-Cannes MAPIC transfer this year?

For 23 years now, the MAPIC ®, continues to amaze us with iconic projects, historical, urban or futuristic.
And since 10 years Biomotion accompanies you.

Biomotion has made punctuality and comfort its watchwords. Every year we improve, and it’s for you.
This year again you can count on us, whether for personal or professional travel, we will not derogate from our principles and values.
You will be able to count on Biomotion to go safely to MAPIC®.

We will take care of you right out of the plane, so we only need your flight information.
Then we will drop you where you want (hotel, restaurant, congress, apartment, …).
And, your transfer to MAPIC will be assured!

Our quality continues to progress to offer you the best possible transport, however our prices remain the same.
Because quality is priceless!


In a word, Biomotion is the solution to all your travels and transports on the French Riviera during the MAPIC® and even every day.
So do not hesitate anymore! Contact us!

Nice Airport-Cannes MAPIC transfer