Biomotion brings you everywhere ! 

Some days, if you need to go to Marseille, Lyon or Nice and there are no bus, or train, Biomotion is here for you !

It is a fact, during strike days, trafic is busy and it’s kind of complicated to find a solution to moove. That is why Biomotion helps you.

We are never on strike, and we are here everyday for your transfers.


Why choosing Biomotion ?

If you need to catch a flight or that your train is cancelled, feel free to ask we would be delighted to find a solution for you.

We are not just a simple way of transportation, we are here for you !

Call us or send us an e-mail and together we will establish a quote for your request.

If you are alone, in couple or in group we take care of everything. Whether you have to go to work, or on vacation, feel safe and confident you won’t miss anything.


Our advantages 

Our availabitliy  24/7, our comfort, and our experience will provide you the smoother ride.

All our drivers are experienced and bilingual. They can answer to all your question, advise you, and drop you off wherever you want.


The quality has found a price and a name : Biomotion

In a word, Biomotion is the solution for all of your transfers in the area and more. 
So do not hesitate, contact us