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Are you an actor in the audiovisual field? Are you looking for transport to the MIPTV that takes place every year in Cannes at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès? Take advantage of this international event by booking a VTC at Biomotion. This year again, the MIPTV will takes place from 8 to 10 April 2024 in Cannes.

transfert nice cannes miptv


The “International Television Programme Market”, better known by its acronym MIPTV, is an essential pillar and major event for television and entertainment professionals. Every year, the city of Cannes, France, becomes a veritable international hub for the audiovisual industry, attracting thousands of professionals from all over the world. This annual meeting is not only a platform for exchange and trade, but also an exceptional showcase of the latest trends and innovations in the sector.

Since its first edition in 1964, the MIPTV has established itself as the privileged meeting place for several hundred professionals in the field. Whether for content creators, distributors, buyers, or investors, participating in this event has become almost unavoidable. It offers a unique opportunity to showcase their productions, discover new works, attend enriching conferences and forge links with potential partners for future collaborative projects.

With more than 11,500 attendees, including 4,000 buyers and 1,500 exhibitors, and 107 countries present, MIPTV stands out as a global event. The impressive numbers attest to the importance and international appeal of the event, highlighting its ability to bring together a variety of major industry players.

Over the course of its four days, MIPTV is particularly buzzing, with each participant having the opportunity to present their work, attend panels and conferences on topical industry topics, and meet potential partners. It is an unparalleled opportunity to discuss current and future challenges, discover emerging trends, and explore new creative and technological avenues that are shaping the future of television and entertainment.

The MIPTV is not just a commercial event; it is also a place to discover the innovations that will shape the industry in the years to come. By participating in this gathering, industry professionals can immerse themselves in a stimulating environment, where innovative ideas and the latest technological advances take centre stage. This exposure to new trends and technological advances makes MIPTV a must-visit event for all those who wish to remain at the forefront of the entertainment and television industry.


To optimize your experience at the prestigious International Television Programme Market (MIPTV), planning your travel is a crucial aspect not to overlook. In order to allow you to focus entirely on the essence of the event, without worrying about logistical constraints, considering the use of an expert company in the provision of Transport Vehicle with Chauffeur (VTC) services proves to be a wise option. In this context, Biomotion presents itself as an ideal solution, offering a high-end transport service tailored to your specific needs for any event taking place on the beautiful Côte d’Azur.

Biomotion is committed to providing you with an elegant and comfortable vehicle, accompanied by an experienced private driver, specially selected for his professionalism and in-depth knowledge of events. This personalized service guarantees you total flexibility and absolute comfort throughout the duration of the MIPTV. You will have the freedom to reserve your VTC for the entire event, ensuring that your private driver is always at your disposal, ready to transport you through Cannes on request. This will allow you to manage your appointments with peace of mind, arrive on time for your various meetings and conferences, and leave the International Show at your convenience, even late in the evening, with the certainty that your driver will be waiting for you to drive you back safely.


The expertise of our drivers is not limited to simple transport; they are also true connoisseurs of the Côte d’Azur. This knowledge allows them to act as knowledgeable guides, able to take you to the most renowned establishments and popular places of interest in Cannes, helping to enrich your experience of the festival. Whether you want to discover gourmet restaurants, trendy bars or luxury hotels, our drivers will recommend you and take you to the best that Cannes and its surroundings (such as Nice and Antibes) have to offer.

Booking a VTC with Biomotion means choosing a tailor-made mobility solution, designed to allow you to fully experience the MIPTV while discovering the charms and riches of Cannes and the Côte d’Azur in optimal conditions of comfort and serenity. Don’t wait any longer, book your vehicle with a private driver now and ensure an unforgettable experience at this must-see event in the television and entertainment industry.

Chauffeur Privé MIPTV


For your transfers to the international MIPTV event, we provide you with luxury vehicles. These are often limousines, minibuses or high-end buses. With such cars at your disposal, you will enjoy optimal comfort during your trips to Cannes.

The minibus and bus are spacious and allow to transport a group of people. They would be ideal for companies that send several employees to MIPTV. As for the limousine, it can also accommodate several people. You can book it for your trip only. All our transport vehicles are hybrid or 100% electric. As a result, they have good features and technologies that ensure a comfortable ride for the driver. Transport to the site of the occurrence is therefore safe.


Within the framework of the International Television Programme Market (MIPTV) in Cannes, the promotion of eco-mobility and sustainable transport services is essential. In order to promote an environmentally friendly approach among participants, this section proposes a series of initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of travel.

First of all, a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles will be available to ensure transfers between the different venues of the event, thus offering a clean and efficient alternative to conventional transport. This approach is part of the commitment to minimise CO2 emissions and promote eco-responsible driving on the Côte d’Azur.

In addition, a carbon offsetting program will enable participants to offset travel-related emissions by contributing to sustainable development projects. These initiatives may include support for reforestation or the production of renewable energy, thus encouraging active participation in environmental protection.

Advice on sustainable mobility practices will also be provided, encouraging the use of optimised routes and alternative modes of transport, such as cycling or walking, for short journeys. This approach aims to raise awareness of the importance of reducing the carbon footprint while enjoying the natural beauty of Cannes.

Finally, partnerships with local environmental initiatives will offer participants the opportunity to discover green projects committed to preserving the regional ecosystem. These enriching experiences will highlight the importance of environmental commitment in the entertainment industry and beyond.

By adopting these measures, MIPTV is committed to promoting a more sustainable transport model, thus contributing to an eco-responsible experience for all participants.


Biomotion takes care of your travel in Cannes from the moment you arrive. We will pick you up at Nice Airport when you leave the plane. You will need to provide us with the information about your flight.We will then drive you to your hotel, restaurant, apartment or any other destination of your choice.

This private transport service from Nice airport to Cannes avoids having to wait a long time before finding a way to get around. In addition, it offers more security especially when travelling at night.

So choose Biomotion to benefit from a private VTC driver when you come to MIPTV.