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The “Plages électro”® are back in Cannes for a new edition 2023! Many personalities are expected!

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In 2023, the "Plages Électroniques" in Cannes became the must-see summer event for fans of electronic music and parties. Every year, thousands of festival-goers gather on the famous beaches of the Côte d’Azur for a unique and captivating musical experience. Hosted by passionate and talented promoters, the festival reached new heights in 2023, attracting world-renowned DJs and offering an eclectic program that thrills crowds.

The beaches of Cannes are transformed into a festive paradise where electronic sounds blend harmoniously with the waves of the Mediterranean. Day and night, festival-goers are carried away by the captivating rhythms and powerful bass, creating an euphoric atmosphere that lasts throughout the event.

The festival attracts not only fans of electronic music, but also artists and celebrities from around the world. The electronic beaches of Cannes have become a meeting place for music lovers, night owls and partygoers, who come together to celebrate their shared love of music and dance.

The electrifying atmosphere is complemented by stunning art installations, captivating lighting and creative backdrops that turn every scene into an epic visual spectacle. Festival-goers can enjoy a variety of bars and food stalls offering delicious food and refreshing drinks to recharge their batteries between sets.

In 2023, the organisers also focused on sustainability and eco-responsibility, putting in place initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of the event. The electronic beaches of Cannes are committed to raising awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, while offering them a memorable and moving experience.

With spectacular sunsets as a backdrop, palm trees swaying to the beat of music and a festive and warm atmosphere, the electronic beaches of Cannes in 2023 are truly an unforgettable sensory journey. Whether you’re dancing on the warm sand, relaxing in a deckchair enjoying the intoxicating sounds, or mingling with the euphoric crowd in front of the stage, the festival promises an experience that will remain etched in the memories of all those who take part in it.


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