Cannes Yacht Show® is happening soon!

This year, the Cannes Yacht Show ® takes place from 10th to 15th September at Port Canto and the old port.

What is it ?

Since 1977 Cannes Yacht Show ® is the presentation of the most beautiful pleasure boats and sailboats. And the 1st salon of the nautical season.

It is not less than 50 000 visitors each year! For this edition it is more than 600 boats exhibited, with more than 500 exhibitors.
Left on the old port of the most famous pool of Cannes and Canto port where we can admire the big yachts but also the space “VOILE”.

This year we will be able to discover 219 new boats and 122 world premieres.

What about your Cannes Yacht Show® transfer this year?

Since 1977 the Cannes Yacht Show has made you dream, yachts as beautiful as each other! and for 10 years Biomotion accompanies you.

This year again we will be there for you.

You can rely on Biomotion and travel safe to  Cannes Yacht Show.
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Our quality keeps improving to offer you the best trip possible, however our prices remain the same.
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In a word, Biomotion is the solution to all your trips on the French Riviera during the Cannes Yacht Show and even everyday.

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